Rain can't stop fun, it can only dampen it. Part II The Feast

After taking tons of shitty pictures of waves hitting the rocks in acadia and a few decent ones, I was tired and hungry and ready to drive on to pick up supplies for cooking the ultimate seafood feast.

Maine as you may know is a major fishing ground, if you blow up the picture above of the simple lobster and seafood market, you'll see that the cost per lb for a whole lobster was $4.49. I love lobster , but Maine lobster sounded even better, so I got two, Brad got two, our roadtrip companion got one citing concern for his moderate waistline, and our buddy got two, one for himself, and one for his girlfriend, who ended up not wanting it, bringing our total lobsters to SEVEN!
In the pic you can also see some of the clams we got, I also bought scallops specifically so I could wrap this lovely seafood treat in bacon, as you can see plated here on a lovely Indiana University plate.
We also had a shrimp pasta dish, some special rice my buddy made to accompany the lobster (and everything really).
We drank Buds and had grins on our faces I powered my way through both of my lobsters, including most of the greenish 'tomalley' stuff from inside the main part of the body. I've had lobster before and tried only a nibble before deciding not to touch it. Here with the urging of my buddy, and another park ranger friend of his, I enjoyed this food with all the endurance of a professional eater and all the joy of someone who hadn't been fed good food in his life.

I invented new ways to chow down on everything. Like this lobster claw/leg meat, rice, and tomalley in half the body cavity of the lobster I was eating.
What's that? simply seeing a picture of me holding what I'm about to eat isn't enough? OK here's a video. Brad and the guys provide witty commentary. I just laughed and kept eating.

After this we kept drinking beers, but moved out into the garage to listen to the rain fall and the occasional thunder outside, we opened the garage door at first but closed it a little later cuz it was getting too wet.
We turned on some tunes on portable speakers with an iPod plugged in and listened to tunes. I juggled a bit with the lighted props and made some bad light graffiti, but it still looks cool.

We got to sleep late. Were woken early the next morning and embarked on a great day of adventure. My last day in Acadia...


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