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Every day I'm hosteling.

I woke up in the morning and rolled out of bed with a mere half hour to enjoy the free breakfast where I was staying. This is a theme I followed for the rest of my trip. My wake-up time was generally dictated by the end of the period of time where the hostel (or hotel in this case) was serving food. 
If you haven't traveled much, or have only enjoyed American hotel style "continental breakfast," let me walk you through the basic varieties of breakfast you are going to get. 
Standard: Most places offer at least these items as standard at their breakfast. Bread, Jam, Butter, and maybe Nutella, Juice, Cereal, Milk. 
From there we go to what I call Standard Plus: All of the above plus some sort of coffee, perhaps 2 kinds of Juice, Cheese. 
Standard Deluxe offers all of the above and adds some kind of meat or perhaps hard-boiled eggs. 
In this case I was enjoying a Standard Plus type breakfast. I was still slightly tired from the flight/time change but I was excited to start my da…