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Maine effect of car travel

It was damp when we arrived and we faced worse weather later on in the week, but my time in Maine was a wondrous way to be thrown into the adventure of traveling around the world for five months. I arrived on the cusp of the seasons when it was still so beautiful that I can't describe it with words, but was not over-run with tourists. October 22nd, 2009.

We had already ate in Bar Harbor, the only real town on the island, and we had just drove for 24 hours straight in a small car. We had already been at the house, but weren't sure if it was the right one till we contacted our friend.

We returned to the house and my friends unloaded there stuff and sat, or laid down. I unloaded and went outside and snapped off some different shots, testing my camera at different settings.One of the photos I took is at the top of the page, the rest of these were snapped the next day.

 Over the first couple days playing around with my camera I got some nice shots, I loved the things I could do w…

Morning in Maine.

After a grueling 24 hour drive in my tiny Kia that we split up into shifts we arrived at our destination on Mount Desert Island. A beautiful house set back off one of the few tiny roads on the island. The surroundings were beautiful and I was in awe.
No one was at home but the door was unlocked for us, so we set to the task of unloading the car. I almost immediately got out and started taking pictures with the new camera to test out its different settings.
To be continued...

Leaving Home. The Begining

Determined to spend some time in Europe I bought a plane ticket, and a three month global youth Eurail rail-pass that allowed me access to trains in 21 countries; and started plotting my globe-trotting escapades.

I didn't have a clue about what I was going to do, but I picked up information wherever I went from people who had gone to Europe or had experience backpacking. The more I learned the more confident I became that I was going to have a blast.

As mentioned in a previous post procrastination rules/ruins my life all the time and I was so bad about preparing for the trip I failed to buy the camera and laptop I thought I needed for traveling until less than a week before I left.

The night of my going away party came and I was still trying to set up the new laptop when I was supposed to be meeting up with my friends. They succeeded in getting me so drunk that I was still wasted until 9am the next day, an hour after we had departed from Bloomington.

In my haste and drunkenness …

Procrastination is my greatest enemy.

I am the worst procrastinator in the world. In college I once turned in a paper at a final that was due in the middle of the semester.

Think that's bad? I once traveled around the world and told my friends before I left that I would create a blog and update it with all the cool stuff happening along the way. Six months later I'm back at home and finally writing the first blog post.

This is a picture of a sad fat statue in Zagreb Croatia. It has absolutely nothing to do with procrastination, and its only related to this blog post because I mentioned earlier that I went around the world (now you know one place I stopped).

I think being hungover helps my motivation sometimes, though usually it just leads to me laying around on the couch watching bad TV. Coincidentally that's something I did a lot in Zagreb at Hobo Bear Hostel.