October 23rd, 2009.
I woke up in the house and made a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. I sat down to eat breakfast and had a beautiful view out the window of colorful trees and nice fall weather.
and coffee, I forgot, I had coffee too...
After Breakfast I trekked around in the woods taking pictures.

Mostly I just took macros(close-ups), if you look closely at the picture above you can see this leaf (bonus, previous post contains even farther out version of the same leaf. This is like the Leonardo DiCaprio of leaves). 
I ventured back onto the Maineland (oh god, why do I keep making that pun?) to deposit a check in a branch of my credit union, and then also went to Wal-Mart to help reconcile the fact that I was missing underwear and other essentials as mentioned earlier.

On my way back I got word that my friends were heading out on climb and that I should meet them up. I took my groceries back to the house and then went to join them. Along the way I spotted the first wild life of my trip, deer, and some Turkeys (pictured).
I got up to the trailhead and lost my way a little, but after some badly connected phone calls and some hollering I found my way back onto the trail. We climbed up the backside of the trail for The Beehive but it was still steep at some parts

I got to the top just before sunset I snapped off a few shots as I walked over the top to the front side of the trail. It was a steep descent, but there were a few good places for shots.

One good shot was overlooking the white sand beach on the island. There aren't many of these in Maine.

I imagine this would be a pretty popular destination in the summer. I think my timing visiting it couldn't have been better. While I was in Maine it was easy to get excited about any little thing that happened, because it was totally different from what I was used to. A walk outside was just a nice way to spend time, besides the fact that the surroundings were so gorgeous.

I needed to be able to get excited about that because I would spend a lot of time walking in Europe.

After descending the beehive it was dark, we went back to the house, I juggled and took some pictures, then passed out. The next day it rained. It was beautiful.


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