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Rain can't stop fun, it can only dampen it. Part II The Feast

After taking tons of shitty pictures of waves hitting the rocks in acadia and a few decent ones, I was tired and hungry and ready to drive on to pick up supplies for cooking the ultimate seafood feast.

Maine as you may know is a major fishing ground, if you blow up the picture above of the simple lobster and seafood market, you'll see that the cost per lb for a whole lobster was $4.49. I love lobster , but Maine lobster sounded even better, so I got two, Brad got two, our roadtrip companion got one citing concern for his moderate waistline, and our buddy got two, one for himself, and one for his girlfriend, who ended up not wanting it, bringing our total lobsters to SEVEN!
In the pic you can also see some of the clams we got, I also bought scallops specifically so I could wrap this lovely seafood treat in bacon, as you can see plated here on a lovely Indiana University plate.
We also had a shrimp pasta dish, some special rice my buddy made to accompany the lobster (and everything rea…

Rain can't stop fun, it can only dampen it. Part I

I actually wrote some blog material when I first started my trip, and up till now forgot I had actually logged some of the activities. October 24th, 2009
"Today began early, being Saturday it was everyone in the house's day off. Brad surprised me by showing up downstairs early in the morning to begin the day with everyone else, after missing an entire day vacation sick-in-bed/chair he called bed for half the day.

The rain that had poured all morning since 3am depressed the mood slightly, it meant less outdoor activities in Acadia before departure early Monday morning. A hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and coffee raised spirits slightly as we all ate at the table trying to come up with the days plan. 

We planned a leisurely day of drinking beer, touristing, sightseeing, and feasting on local seafood. 
 A rainy day could not get much better than this. "

Touristing meant heading into town to check out the deals, and some of the gift shops. I bought a few post cards. There wer…


October 23rd, 2009.
I woke up in the house and made a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. I sat down to eat breakfast and had a beautiful view out the window of colorful trees and nice fall weather.
and coffee, I forgot, I had coffee too...
After Breakfast I trekked around in the woods taking pictures.

Mostly I just took macros(close-ups), if you look closely at the picture above you can see this leaf (bonus, previous post contains even farther out version of the same leaf. This is like the Leonardo DiCaprio of leaves). 
I ventured back onto the Maineland (oh god, why do I keep making that pun?) to deposit a check in a branch of my credit union, and then also went to Wal-Mart to help reconcile the fact that I was missing underwear and other essentials as mentioned earlier.

On my way back I got word that my friends were heading out on climb and that I should meet them up. I took my groceries back to the house and then went to join them. Along the way I spotted the first wild life…