Procrastination is my greatest enemy.

I am the worst procrastinator in the world. In college I once turned in a paper at a final that was due in the middle of the semester.

Think that's bad? I once traveled around the world and told my friends before I left that I would create a blog and update it with all the cool stuff happening along the way. Six months later I'm back at home and finally writing the first blog post.

This is a picture of a sad fat statue in Zagreb Croatia. It has absolutely nothing to do with procrastination, and its only related to this blog post because I mentioned earlier that I went around the world (now you know one place I stopped).

I think being hungover helps my motivation sometimes, though usually it just leads to me laying around on the couch watching bad TV. Coincidentally that's something I did a lot in Zagreb at Hobo Bear Hostel.


  1. I think procrastination is a weakness of mine as well. Maybe not to the degree of yours though. I think fear of being late made me turn in all my papers in college on time! Like the blog.


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