Rain can't stop fun, it can only dampen it. Part I

I actually wrote some blog material when I first started my trip, and up till now forgot I had actually logged some of the activities. October 24th, 2009
"Today began early, being Saturday it was everyone in the house's day off. Brad surprised me by showing up downstairs early in the morning to begin the day with everyone else, after missing an entire day vacation sick-in-bed/chair he called bed for half the day.

The rain that had poured all morning since 3am depressed the mood slightly, it meant less outdoor activities in Acadia before departure early Monday morning. A hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and coffee raised spirits slightly as we all ate at the table trying to come up with the days plan. 

We planned a leisurely day of drinking beer, touristing, sightseeing, and feasting on local seafood. 
 A rainy day could not get much better than this. "

Touristing meant heading into town to check out the deals, and some of the gift shops. I bought a few post cards. There were huge sales at all the touristy shops in town and it seemed like it could be a good place to stock up on gear. Or those almost useful little items emblazoned with the town logo or something related to the area.
We got done eating in town and checking out some of the shops and then went out on a drive through Acadia in the late afternoon. It was amazing. The cliffs from Cadillac Mountain were turned into dramatic waterfalls as the rain poured and accumulated all over the island before finding its way into the sea. 

The above photo was zoomed in 10x. Here's something from right on the road

As you drive along the road in the National Park the scenery around you changes dramatically. Here's a movie I filmed just a short drive from where this photo is taken.

I had already drove through the park the day before, but driving through again while it was raining was breathtaking. 

The video was taken near one of the famous areas in the park which is known as "thunder hole." (jokes?). I have a number of photos here, but I think none of them can capture it the way this horribly stitched panorama does.
The thing to keep in mind when looking at this is that the rocks are actually stitched correctly, although most everything else isn't. This picture is a veritable 'wheres waldo' of photo taking mistakes, but you can see the pandemonium of what I was trying to capture, the waves change in all three photos that make up the main picture, the horizons look rounded, but you can see the surroundings of this landmark quite well. 

Later we headed to check out our buddy's old digs which was a house built by John D. Rockefeller.

After that we headed to a place called Parsons and purchased lobsters for the feast. 

Part II The Feast. Coming soon. 


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