Leaving Home. The Begining

Determined to spend some time in Europe I bought a plane ticket, and a three month global youth Eurail rail-pass that allowed me access to trains in 21 countries; and started plotting my globe-trotting escapades.

I didn't have a clue about what I was going to do, but I picked up information wherever I went from people who had gone to Europe or had experience backpacking. The more I learned the more confident I became that I was going to have a blast.

As mentioned in a previous post procrastination rules/ruins my life all the time and I was so bad about preparing for the trip I failed to buy the camera and laptop I thought I needed for traveling until less than a week before I left.

The night of my going away party came and I was still trying to set up the new laptop when I was supposed to be meeting up with my friends. They succeeded in getting me so drunk that I was still wasted until 9am the next day, an hour after we had departed from Bloomington.

In my haste and drunkenness I had packed almost the worst bag you could possibly imagine.
I forgot socks, underwear, toiletries, and more.

At least I had my camera, and though most of my shots look like the one above, I can say I have one favorite from the trip up.

Luckily I wasn't driving straight from home to the airport. My room mate, a mutual friend of ours, and I had all packed our gear into my little Kia Spectra and were heading up to Maine to see a good friend of ours who had a gig as a park ranger living in the gorgeous Acadia National Park.

To Be Continued


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